The 80/20 Propane Tank Rule

Wondering why your propane tank doesn’t read 100% after a refill? There’s a reason for it and it is keeping you and your family safe. Propane’s properties are unique compared to other fuels and require protective and preventative measures. Read … Read More

Fueling Innovation: Heller’s Gas Ignites STEM Passion with a $50,000 Donation

Heller’s Gas, committed to fostering community growth and education, recently made a substantial impact with a generous $50,000 donation to the Berwick Area YMCA. The Berwick YMCA, with a rich history dating back to its organization in July 1878 and … Read More

A closeup of a gas stovetop in a residential kitchen

Cooking with Propane vs. Electric: How to Upgrade Your Kitchen

If you’re thinking of switching your home from running solely on electricity to residential propane, one thing you might have some questions about is your oven. Many people have electric ovens and stoves, and using a gas oven instead can … Read More

Celebrating Big: Heller’s Gas Store Grand Opening in Mill Hall, PA!

On July 31st and August 5th, Heller’s Gas proudly unveiled their new store location in Mill Hall, PA, with two days of grand opening events. A Propane Party Like No Other The grand opening event kicked off at 8:00 AM … Read More