Why Use Propane?

Propane is Safe Fuel

Propane has a remarkable safety record, due in large part to the stringent codes and regulations developed by the propane industry and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Statistics compiled by the NFPA indicate that the safest way to heat is with gas.

Propane has Built-in Safety Properties

  • Propane gas is non-toxic and produces minimal emissions.
  • Propane is not harmful to soil or water.
  • Propane won’t ignite when combined with air unless the source of ignition reaches 940° F.
  • Propane has the lowest flammability range of any alternative fuel.
  • PERC teaches the safe use of propane with an effective preventive maintenance program, GAS Check® (Gas Appliance System Check).
  • Propane leaks are easily detected because an odorant (ethyl mercaptan) with a scent similar to rotten eggs is added as a safety measure.
  • Unlike gasoline and alcohol fuels, propane can’t be ingested because it is stored in a closed container under pressure. It vaporizes internally when released from its container.
  • If propane gas leaks, it doesn’t puddle; it readily dissipates into the air.

Propane is Clean Fuel

Clean burning, safe, and economical, propane fuel has long been recognized as “green” energy. Switching to propane will help cut emissions and protect the environment.

  • Propane is nontoxic and insoluble in water. Because it is released as a gas, it doesn’t spill, pool, or leave a residue.
  • Propane is an approved alternative fuel listed in both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992.
  • Propane exhaust creates 60 to 70 percent less smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline.
  • Compared to gasoline, propane yields 12 percent less carbon dioxide, about 20 percent less nitrous oxide, and as much as 60 percent less carbon monoxide (World LP Gas Association, January 2003, and California Energy Commission, January 2003).
  • Propane cuts emissions of toxins and carcinogens like benzene and toluene by up to 96 percent, compared to gasoline, according to studies by the Southwest Research Institute.

Propane is Reliable Fuel

Almost 90% of all propane is produced in the United States. Propane gas, used by more than 60 million Americans each year, gives homeowners a reliable and steady source of fuel.