Request a Delivery


How to tell if you need a delivery?

Most propane tanks have a gauge that reads 5% – 95%. This is the percentage that remains in your tank.

  • If you are enrolled in automatic delivery or tank monitoring, we automatically forecast for deliveries at 20%.
  • If your tank level is UNDER 20%, you can request a delivery by selecting one of the following options below.
  • If your tank level is OVER 20%, there is no need to request a delivery.
  • We prioritize deliveries based on tank percentage and daily gas consumption.

How do you check your propane tank level?

  • Checking your propane level is as easy as checking the fuel gauge in your vehicle!
  • Simply open the lid of your tank and look for the round dial (shown in photo above).
  • This gauge measures the percentage of fuel left in your tank.
  • Because we must leave room for expansion, 80% is considered a full tank.