For company-owned tanks, Heller’s Gas will keep your tank and propane system in working order. Your job is simply to keep your tank free from obstructions. That means trimming away grass and brush that grows up and around your tank and clearing any snow or ice that accumulates.

For both company-owned and customer-owned tanks, we ask that you maintain an unobstructed path from a vehicle access point to your tank for deliveries.

Whether you’re interested in making the switch to Heller’s Gas or planning to use propane for the first time, signing up is easy! Simply click the Become a Customer button at the top of the page or call 1-800-422-0560 to speak with a member of our friendly and courteous customer care team.

Heller’s Gas provides a convenient tool on the Locations page of our website to determine the nearest branch based on the zip code of the property being serviced.

Our hours of operation for each store can be viewed HERE. We also offer 24/7 emergency service. If you need to schedule a delivery, view previous deliveries, check your outstanding balance or pay a bill, click HERE.

No. We do not charge a tank rental fee for using our company-owned tanks as long as minimum usage requirements are achieved.

Deliveries can be requested using our convenient online portal or by calling your local office. If you need an emergency or expedited delivery, additional charges may apply. If you are not enrolled in our automatic delivery/tank monitoring yet, you should monitor your tank level to prevent runouts. If your tank reads 5% or below, contact us for a delivery as soon as possible.

If you’re enrolled in our free tank monitoring service, there’s no need to go outside in the rain or snow to check your tank level! Simply log into your account on the Heller’s Gas app or customer portal to view your propane level. If you are not enrolled in our tank monitoring service, you can check your propane level by simply opening the lid of your tank and looking for the round dial. This gauge measures the percentage of fuel left in your tank. Because we must leave room for expansion, 80% is considered a full tank.

If your tank level is below 30%, click the My Account button at the top of the page or call your local Heller’s Gas store to schedule a delivery.

Tank Gauge

100 gallon tank

250 gallon tank

325 gallon tank

500 gallon tank

1000 gallon tank































Propane tanks must be filled to 80% of their total capacity. This preventive safety measure allows for fluctuations that happen inside the tank. Propane, much like water, expands as it warms up; however, it increases in volume almost 17 times greater than water. By filling tanks to 80%, we leave extra space for natural expansion.

No. As long as our drivers can reach your tank to fill it, you do not need to be present during a delivery. Please be sure that a clear path leads to your tank, that the area around the tank is free of brush and debris, and that pets are either inside or secured.

Heller’s Gas is required by law to assess sales tax based on customer and usage criteria per state-imposed regulations on a state-by-state basis. If you feel you qualify for tax-exempt status, please contact our Accounts Receivable department at 570-752-8451. Heller’s Gas cannot determine the tax status of its customers.

As detailed in our customer agreement, we reserve the right to charge certain fees in connection with the delivery of propane or collection of balances owed. These fees are not government-imposed and are set and enforced by Heller’s Gas at its discretion. Some of the most common fees are listed below; however, not all fees may be applicable to you depending on your service type, location and other factors.

This hazardous communication charge is sometimes also known as a hazmat fee and is assessed to help us cover the cost of ensuring the safety of both our customers and employees through training, communication, equipment and other measures.

Minimum Use Fee
This fee is charged when a customer is using a company-owned tank and does not meet the required minimum number of gallons to be delivered annually. The charge helps to offset the cost of equipment and required maintenance of that equipment.

Off Route Delivery Fee
This fee is charged when an emergency delivery is requested and must be made outside of a planned route.

Statement Fee

This fee is charged when a customer is not enrolled in paperless billing and in turn elects to receive paper tickets/invoices/statements.  The amount of this fee is assessed at a rate of $1.00/delivery location/delivery.