Why Builders are Taking a Second Look at Propane

If you are a builder planning a new development, apartment complex, or building custom homes, have you considered propane as a fuel source?

Already used in over 48 million U.S. homes, propane (with its low-carbon, high-energy output) has become a trusted solution for powering appliances and equipment resulting in lower energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Paired with high-efficiency propane gas appliances, propane can provide you a competitive advantage in home comfort and energy efficiency.

The versatility of propane offers new homeowners a variety of options at an affordable cost. And, when you partner with Heller Gas, we make powering new homes and businesses with propane an effortless process – from selecting tank size to setting or burying tanks to ensuring gas is always there when needed most with our free tank monitoring service.

Where can propane be used?

Virtually anywhere! Heller’s Gas can set tanks wherever you need them, without the need for costly infrastructure. The best part is, propane works the same as natural gas. If natural gas is unavailable or the cost of bringing new natural gas lines to each home site eclipses your budget, propane is the perfect solution. It delivers the same efficiency, comfort, and performance of gas and is versatile enough to be used both inside and outside any size home.

Inside Uses:

  • Space Heating
  • Water Heating
  • Cooking
  • Clothes Drying
  • Fireplaces

Outdoor Uses:

  • Lighting
  • Whole-Home Generators
  • Pool & Hot Tub Heating
  • Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Grills
  • Patio Heating
  • Snow and Ice Melting Systems

Benefits of a Propane Home

Build How You Want, When You Want

Many developers use propane to fuel temporary heat and portable generators when building new homes. When propane-fueled homes are built, they no longer have to rely on public utilities or be subjected to their schedules as tanks can be set where you need them, when you need them. Builders can plan and schedule the installation of propane storage tanks (above-ground or buried underground) and connect them to appliances according to their timeline.

In addition, when you partner with Heller’s Gas, we offer everything you’ll need to meet and exceed environmental standards. We provide and set the tanks at no cost – on your schedule. Once the homeowner moves in, we offer free tank monitoring services to the homeowner so they can “set it and forget it”.

Better Homeowner Options

Propane will allow you to meet your customers’ most challenging expectations while delivering outstanding performance and comfort. New homeowners can select from any number of appliances that best meet their home needs and lifestyle while keeping both GHG emissions and utility costs low.

Propane heating systems can be configured as central or zoned, forced air, or radiant systems.

Homeowners can add on supplemental heating sources such as a gas fireplace. They can select a gas stove for precise control in the kitchen. And a gas-powered clothes dryer (the preferred heat source) heats up more quickly without much energy loss making it more environmentally friendly than electric dryers.

Add whole-home standby generators fueled by propane to keep the home comfortable and running as normal during unexpected power outages. (Remember, the fuel is stored onsite – no more anxious waiting for utilities to repair outages.)

Lower Energy Bills

Propane appliances are more efficient than their electric counterparts. High-efficiency propane-fueled heating systems provide ratings up to 98 AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). That means that 98% of the fuel is used to provide heat, resulting in big savings on your utility bill.

Settling for a lesser AFUE means more fuel goes right up the chimney. For example, a furnace with an 85 AFUE means that it uses 85 percent of the energy it takes in to produce heat energy for the home; the other 15 percent is wasted

Installing a new water heater? Water heating accounts for approximately 18 percent of the average U.S. household’s annual utility bill, so choosing an efficient water heater for your budget and needs is something to consider. Storage models fueled by propane are up to 16 percent more efficient than electric models. Choose a tankless model water heater and the efficiency rises to more than 30 percent with 70 percent fewer emissions than electric models.

Cleaner and Greener

Propane is a readily available, clean, non-toxic gas that is domestically produced. Its reach goes beyond natural gas lines (where new infrastructure can be costly) and it provides an affordable energy source that contributes to the country’s economic growth and energy security.

It emits significantly less CO2 and when used in place of electricity, propane lowers a home’s overall carbon footprint – as much as a car’s emissions for a year.

The chart below illustrates the efficiency and emissions of a propane-fueled home versus a standard home.

Build with Propane!

Propane has lower emissions and higher efficiencies when compared with electric appliances. Its versatility makes it a preferred fuel source for almost everything indoors and out! And, using propane means you’ll always have fuel onsite – even when the power goes out.

Let Heller’s Gas provide both you and your new homeowner with everything you’ll need for a comfortable propane-powered home. We make powering your home or business with propane an effortless process in sizing, setting, and monitoring tank levels remotely, so no one has to worry about it. (Yes, we have an app for that!) No more trekking out to the tank to measure or check tank levels. Our drivers will deliver propane to each home when it is needed. The homeowner does not even have to call. (Although we do love to hear from our customers!)

How can we assist with your next project? Give us a call today.

Looking for more information? Explore a propane-powered virtual family home here.

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