Celebrating Big: Heller’s Gas Store Grand Opening in Mill Hall, PA!

On July 31st and August 5th, Heller’s Gas proudly unveiled their new store location in Mill Hall, PA, with two days of grand opening events.

A Propane Party Like No Other

The grand opening event kicked off at 8:00 AM and continued until 4:00 PM, offering a full day of festivities that showcased Heller’s Gas commitment to their customers and the local community. One of the highlights of the event was a spectacular sale on propane tank refills. Grillers and homeowners looking to power their outdoor adventures with propane were in for a treat, as 20-pound propane tank refills were priced at $6. The $6 sale on 20-pound tanks will continue for one year until July 31, 2024.

Fun for the Whole Family

The grand opening was not just about amazing deals, it was also about coming together as a community to celebrate. Families, friends, and neighbors gathered at the new location to enjoy a day filled with entertainment and activities. For those who had always wondered about the inner workings of a propane supply store, truck tours were available, providing an up-close look at the equipment and operations that keep households running smoothly.

Cornhole enthusiasts had the chance to showcase their skills in friendly competitions, adding a touch of friendly competition to the event.

A Chance to Win Big

As if the day couldn’t get any better, Heller’s Gas sweetened the pot with a series of raffles throughout the event. Lucky attendees had the opportunity to win prizes that ranged from the coveted Black Stone Grill to other raffles items like Yeti’s and Heller’s swag.

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