Can Propane Freeze?

Propane has a lot of advantages over other heating systems. Unlike other fuels, propane doesn’t produce greenhouse gases, meaning it’s environmentally friendly. It’s non-toxic to humans and it’s not flammable in its liquid form, meaning it’s extremely safe. And because you get to decide when you do or don’t need to refill your tank, propane is economical and efficient.

When wintertime rolls around and your heating system is working overtime, these are all important factors to consider. Most important of all, however, is how well propane performs in cold weather.

Simply put, does propane freeze?

At Heller’s Gas, we’ve made it our mission to know every aspect of the propane business inside and out, from tank monitoring and equipment functionality to energy yield and, yes, even the propane freezing point. Below, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about how chilly temperatures impact propane performance and what you can do to keep your system in working order.

How Cold Weather Affects Propane

Because propane is stored in liquid form, only converting to gas when your heating system is in use, questions like “Can propane freeze?” are certainly valid. The answer to that question is “Yes, but…”

Yes, propane can freeze solid, just like water, but only at a temperature of -306 Fahrenheit. That’s 200 degrees colder than the lowest temperature ever recorded, which means you won’t be carving propane ice sculptures anytime soon. That said, when the temperature falls below -44, propane is unable to reach its boiling point and change from liquid to gas.

Since Pennsylvania’s all-time record low temperature sits at -44 (and that was in 1904) it is unlikely that Heller’s Gas customers have to worry about their tanks reaching the propane freezing point. Still, it is possible. Also possible, and much more probable, is the propane contracting in response to cold. This can cause a drop in tank pressure, which in turn results in poor performance.

How to Prevent Propane Freezing

Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to protect your propane tanks from the effects of freezing temperatures.

First, it’s a good idea to keep your tank filled to at least 30% during the winter. Heller’s Gas makes it easy with a handy tank monitoring app that allows you to view your propane levels right on your phone. Additionally, customers who sign up for our automatic refill program can rest easy, as our employees can monitor your levels remotely and schedule convenient deliveries that you don’t even have to be home to allow.

Another good wintertime tip: remove any obstructions that block your tank from direct sunlight. Finally, your heating system’s vents, valves, piping, and regulators are all susceptible to cold damage. Thus, it’s important to clear away any snow or ice that accumulates around your propane tank.

Stay Warm in Winter with Heller’s Gas

Family owned since 1941, Heller’s Gas has proudly served the residential and commercial heating needs of customers throughout Pennsylvania for nearly 80 years. We’ve always strived to provide the best service possible, which is why we’ve stayed at the forefront of the industry with convenient, cutting-edge offerings like our automatic refill program, remote tank monitoring apps, and 24/7/365 emergency support.

With winter looming and temperatures falling, you need a propane supplier you can trust to keep your loved ones warm.

Whatever your needs, from residential to commercial to industrial to agricultural, Heller’s Gas can help. Call us today to discover how clean, safe, efficient, and affordable propane can change your life.

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