Propane Services in Watertown, NY

Heller’s Gas is proud to bring our propane services to Watertown, NY! Our customers in Pennsylvania have been satisfied for years with their propane from us, and it makes us glad that we can bring those energy benefits to the people of Watertown. With propane’s status as an efficient and affordable fuel option, many customers are coming over to propane from more expensive alternatives such as oil and electricity. Propane even has a number of benefits over natural gas, such as the fact that it produces more heat for your home or business. So, what advantages does Heller’s Gas offer with our propane services in Watertown, NY?

The Propane Edge

With a handful of energy sources to choose from, you might wonder, “Why propane?” At Heller’s Gas, we like propane for everything, and it isn’t just because we distribute and service it.

  • When you use propane, you generate fewer greenhouse gases, 43% to be exact, than other fuel sources that use about the same electricity.
  • Propane has a low flammability range, meaning it is unlikely to ignite if it comes into contact with air (unless the ignition increases in temperature to 940 degrees Fahrenheit.)
  • You don’t have to fear a propane spill, since its water insolubility prevents it from gathering in pools and ruining its surroundings. Instead, if there ever is a propane leak, the gas would harmlessly dissolve in the air.
  • Propane does not harm soil or water if spilled.
  • Propane can be moved from place to place easily, unlike natural gas, which requires expensive underground piping. This makes propane the go-to option when emergency power is suddenly needed.

Residential Propane in Watertown, NY

Propane can do a lot for your home. You can use it to power your house’s furnace, oven, stove, water heater, generator, fireplace, and much more. At Heller’s Gas, we make sure our residential propane deliveries in Watertown, NY, are there for you when you need them.

Commercial Propane in Watertown, NY

Heller’s Gas also partners with plenty of businesses in Watertown to supply them with the propane they need to continue operations. From factories to restaurants to agricultural operations, we are there for our business customers. You can count on our commercial propane deliveries in Watertown, NY, to be available at the most critical times.

Propane Tank Monitoring

Heller’s Gas is a friendly, family-run business. That means we aren’t in the propane business just to run a company: we care that our customers are satisfied and safe!

To that end, Heller’s is happy to offer you a propane tank monitoring system. Simply enroll in the program, and our technicians will install a monitor on your propane tank. Then, from our mobile app, you can check your tank’s propane levels at any time without having to go outside and read the gauge. This is especially convenient on bad-weather days when heading out to the tank is difficult or impossible.

Having our tank monitoring system in place also makes it more convenient to schedule refill deliveries so you never run out of propane when you need it. While you’re at it, check out our customer web portal, where you can pay bills and interact with other aspects of your account with us.

Remember: the monitoring equipment is free. You just pay for the service.

Referral Rewards

As Heller’s Gas has grown over the years, we have taken the opportunity to give back to our customers. We maintain a referral rewards program that lets existing residential or commercial customers refer additional customers to us to receive $100 in free propane! Refer as many customers as you’d like! You’ll get that $100 in propane every time.

Member of the National Propane Gas Association

As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible products and service to our customers, Heller’s Gas is a proud member of the National Propane Gas Association. This organization works to boost propane safety and promote propane as a clean, reliable fuel source.

Contact Us Now for Your Propane Services in Watertown, NY

At Heller’s Gas, we’re happy to bring propane to residential and commercial customers throughout our service areas. For all those people who have been looking for reliable propane services in Watertown, NY, Heller’s Gas is available to you!

Contact us now to inquire about becoming a Heller’s Gas customer and learn more about this clean, efficient, affordable fuel option for your home or business.