Fuel Your Summer Fun With Propane

After a long, cold, quarantined winter, summer is finally on the way. And if you’re planning on entertaining in your backyard, propane can make your home the place where everyone wants to be!

Whether you’re catching up on family parties and reunions, planning a summer soiree, or are just spending time with the kids, you can do more with propane.

Propane-powered pool and patio heaters, lighting, grills, and fire pits are more efficient than electric models and offer real flames, warm, cozy heat, and dramatic lighting all while reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Propane is a reliable, clean-burning, safe, energy source for outdoor living convenience.
See why we say, “Propane Can Do That”.

Cooking in the great outdoors.
(Well, sort of.)

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not bring some love outside? Spend more time with your family and guests and show off your mad chef skills with outdoor propane-fueled appliances. Clean, cost-efficient propane can power all types of kitchen appliances including grills, cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, pizza ovens, hot water, and more. And they all offer quick-start convenience, precise temperature control, and easy clean-up.

Outdoor kitchens will expand your space (remember that social distancing), allow you to spend more time with your guests, and may increase the value of your home. What more can you ask for?

Keep your cool by the pool.

Energy-efficient propane is the perfect fuel for pools and hot tubs. With a higher efficiency than electric models, propane-fueled heaters maintain heat better in colder weather allowing you additional time to enjoy your summer fun. Let the kids splash away while you enjoy a soak in the hot tub or spa. Take that early morning dip in the pool or a quiet swim late at night knowing the water temp will always be … just right.

Take a pit stop.

When it’s time to gather around the fire for S’mores and evening relaxation, a propane-powered fire pit, fire table, or fireplace can bring warmth and atmosphere without worrying about blowing smoke, adding logs, or cleaning up ashes and soot afterward.

You can choose from a fixed installation or a portable model that is powered by a small propane tank located inside. Most models provide quick start-up and warmth at the push of a button, but some propane fire pits and tables have ignition systems that also can be accessed remotely via a smart phone or tablet.

And, if you live in an area with “no-burn” rules (outdoor fires are restricted at certain times of the year in some areas of the country), you can enjoy your gas fire pit any time.

Bring the heat.

Let the festivities linger into the cool summer nights and shoulder seasons with propane-powered patio heaters. Propane heaters come in many shapes and sizes (pyramid, cylinder, and standing) to fit any space, sometimes with options to match your outdoor décor.

These convenient heaters can be placed wherever they are needed and can raise the air temperature up to 25°F. These “power hitters” can generate enough radiant heat to keep a small patio or deck nice and comfy.

Light up the night.

Turn your party on with propane! Bring out the magic of summer evenings with an illuminating warm glow. With an average output of 1,000 – 1250 lumens (60 – 75 watts), propane is an efficient fuel for lighting your patio and walkways providing safety and ambience.

Propane lighting, whether they are post, pedestal, or wall mounted, can add a dramatic visual appeal to your outdoor space. And let the party go late into the night!

Ready to get your summer started?

The versatility and energy efficiency of propane makes it an easy choice for expanding your indoor space to an outdoor area for work, play, and entertaining. From the quick, button start to the warmth of real flames, to the relaxed ambience of those summer evenings you never want to end … think propane.

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