Delivery and Service Options

You want a propane delivery service that you can set and forget. That’s why Heller’s Gas offers automatic residential delivery options tailored to your usage. We also know some low-volume propane users prefer a higher level of control over when delivery happens. Don’t worry! We’ve got you both covered.

Propane Delivery

Using the latest in propane tank monitoring technology, Heller’s Gas tracks your usage remotely. From our offices, we can see when it’s time for a refill and schedule delivery. Automatic propane delivery offers the most consumer-friendly, convenient way to take advantage of clean-burning, efficient propane gas to heat your home and to fuel your appliances.

an employee filling up a propane tank to be delivered

Propane Fireplace Installation

When there’s a Mid-Atlantic blizzard howling outside, summon instant warmth and comfort with a propane fireplace. No more scrounging for firewood, and definitely no more chopping it. A propane fireplace burns cleaner and warmer than wood with no sooty emissions bellowing from your chimney – or pouring out of your wood burner when you can’t get those damp logs to light. Heller’s Gas technicians install a variety of insert and freestanding propane fireplaces, which add value and elegant character to any living space.

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Expert Propane Setup

If you’re upgrading existing equipment or planning new construction with propane appliances or features, give us a call first. Our trained technicians can take the guesswork out of planning for propane service, including tank size selection and placement. Heller’s Gas has residential tanks from 100 gallons to 1,000 gallons. Because they’re installed outdoors, our crew members can easily maintain and refill them whether you’re home or not. The best part – you don’t pay rent for using a Heller’s Gas propane tank.

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