Creating an Outdoor Dining Experience for Restaurants Using Propane

An outdoor dining space with propane heat

Restaurants have been one of the hardest hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many to expand or develop new outdoor dining areas. As colder weather approaches, this creates an entirely new challenge for restaurant operators. We are providing a few suggestions to help indoor restaurants expand or develop their outdoor dining experience.

Keep Your Guests Warm

As colder weather begins to set in, many restaurants face the challenge of how to keep those in outdoor seating areas warm. Adding a non-enclosed tent with outdoor propane patio heaters, or a partially enclosed tent powered by propane, is a great  way to help make your guests feel warm and comfortable during these colder months ahead. As a portable fuel source, propane tanks can easily be placed at these new or expanded outdoor locations without having to make costly infrastructure upgrades. Propane goes wherever you need it, whenever you need it!

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Set Dining Expectations Up Front 

In outdoor spaces, guests may not know when to wear a mask, how to move around, or what to expect in general. Some restaurants are giving guests menus and a card with rules, while others have found that having guests scan a QR code that links to their online menu to be safer, faster, and easier. Be sure to explain how the process will work and what everyone needs to do to remain safe. Never be shy of over communicating with your guests. 

Invest Wisely in Outdoor Décor & Embrace Your Surroundings

We understand that it may be tough to afford new outdoor furniture during times like this, but any investments that you make in additional seating should pay off in additional sales and will allow you to continue to serve as many customers as possible during these challenging times.

Many restaurants are forced to get creative with the space they have, and by using portable propane tanks and heaters, this versatile fuel allows you to create dining areas in the most challenging spaces! Be sure to be fun and creative in these newly designed spaces to keep your customers coming back for more!

Get the Word Out! 

Everyone is eager to dine at restaurants again, but they don’t always know if their favorites have outdoor seating or are open for take-out! Post photos of your new menus and dining spaces on your social media platforms (i.e. Facebook Business Page, Facebook Groups, Instagram) to get the word out about your restaurant moving outdoors!

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