Agricultural Propane

There are many residential and commercial applications of propane, from providing heat in rural areas to powering generators and industrial equipment. But what are some of the agricultural uses for propane? Whether you operate a livestock farm or grow crops, there are plenty of ways to use this eco-friendly natural gas. 

A tractor and other agricultural equipment powered by propane

Agricultural Uses For Propane

Propane tanks have the advantage of easy transportation. You can hook them up to many everyday machines on your farm for heating and power. Let’s discuss some of the technologies that propane powers in greater detail.

Heaters For Barns

It’s a good investment to take care of your livestock in winter so that they can get back to producing more in the spring. You’ll need a capable heater for your livestock facilities to adequately warm them all, and propane makes an excellent power source for that. The gas heats water quickly and exerts less expensive energy than electricity.

A red barn heated with propane

Heaters For Your Farmhouse

Over six million Americans use propane-based heating systems, particularly in rural areas. Just like for your barn, gas is a great cost-effective solution for heating your home. Propane-powered heating machines include standard heaters, boilers, and furnaces. Many rural areas don’t have natural gas lines, making propane the premier choice. 

Heaters For Your Greenhouse

Greenhouses need a lot of heat to flourish in off-seasons. A propane heater is an excellent, all-natural solution for keeping your plant sanctuary warm without shelling out big bucks for electric equipment.

Drying Cylinders

Grain drying is a critical task for wheat farmers. To avoid spoilage, producers have to dry their crops before storing them. To do this, they use drying cylinders which use air and gas to heat the inside of the machine. The process pushes out most of the moisture that causes the grain to mold.

There’s also multiple-layered drying for crops like corn. This process requires high temperatures and more propane. These machines use liquid propane (LP) in big storage tanks for continual operation. When they run out, they contact a supplier for a refill.

Propane Smokers and Grills

Livestock farmers who treat their meat with smokers and grills use propane as an energy source. A single tank heats up quickly and lasts for a long time, resulting in perfectly-prepared meats. Propane is more reliable than electricity and won’t short out on you, resulting in spoiled meats.

Propane-Powered Tractors and Machines

Specialized tractors run on liquid propane gas instead of expensive standard fuels. Using natural gas also helps cut down on the emissions created by farm machinery. Other vehicles like irrigators and weed-burning engines can run more effectively on propane than electrical power sources.

How to Order Propane For Your Farm

Heller’s Gas has been faithfully supplying propane for residential use, commercial use, and use since 1941. We can deliver, monitor, install, and so much more. Our goal is to keep your family, farm, or business warm all year long. 

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