Heller’s Gas – Commercial Propane Dealer in Harrisburg PA

Heller’s Gas – Commercial Propane Dealer in Harrisburg PA
May 26, 2016 Hellers Gas
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Ever wonder if your business could benefit from switching to propane?  Heller’s Gas, your propane dealer in Harrisburg, PA is proud to supply energy efficient propane to commercial customers throughout the city.  

Propane is an efficient solution for business owners looking for affordable fuel to power their restaurant or store.  At Heller’s, we are happy to discuss how propane can help you fuel your business no matter what industry you’re in.  

Propane Cooktops

Nearly 96% of chefs say  they prefer cooking with gas over electric heat in their restaurants.  It’s a smart energy source that keeps restaurants operating at their top performance level.  

hellers propane kitchen

Space Heating & Water Heating

Restaurants and store owners know the pain of heating their spaces.  In fact, it takes up a large portion of their operating expenses.  Business owners can cut expenses by purchasing propane operated tankless water heaters and selecting automatic propane delivery from Heller’s Gas.



Propane powered standby generators are one way that businesses ensure their productivity and supplies in the event of a power outage. A restaurant or store can’t afford any downtime with a power outage. For restaurants with refrigerated food or pharmacies with refrigerated medications, an uninterrupted power supply is critical. Propane is a safe and reliable energy source that won’t fail in a storm.

Could your business benefit by switching to propane?  Call Troy Zieber today at  570-­336­-0313 or email: troy.zeiber@hellersgas.com.