Heller’s is Your Local Lancaster Propane Supplier

Heller’s is Your Local Lancaster Propane Supplier
May 29, 2016 Hellers Gas
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Looking for an energy upgrade to your home?   Look no further than Heller’s Gas, your trusted propane supplier in the Lancaster, PA region.  Heller’s Gas can provide efficient automatic propane delivery to meet the demands of the propane powered appliances in your family’s household.  

Did you know that purchasing propane powered appliances for your home can save you up to 20% on your energy costs?  Plus, it reduces your carbon footprint!

Check out these appliances that are powered by clean burning propane:

Heating Systems
With many propane burning options to choose from, you’ll find that propane is a more efficient way to heat your home over units that require electric or heating oil to operate.  

Tankless Water Heaters
Can you imagine what it would be like to never run out of hot water?  Propane operated tankless water heaters can produce more than 200 gallons of hot water per hour.  That means hot showers for the whole family.

Ranges & Ovens
If you love to cook, then you’ll want the professional quality of a propane burning cooktop for whipping up gourmet meals for your family.  

propane stove range hellers gas lancaster pa supplier

Clothes Dryers
Propane powered dryers are environmentally friendly and also easier on your clothes, making them last longer.  Compared to an electric dryer, propane powered dryers

More efficient than a wood burning fireplace, the closed doors mean that heat never escapes out the chimney.  

When the power goes out, rest assured that your propane powered generator will keep your most important appliances running.