Heller’s Delivers Propane to Lancaster, PA

Heller’s Delivers Propane to Lancaster, PA
May 26, 2016 Hellers Gas
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At Heller’s, our expertly-trained propane delivery technicians check your propane tank for safety issues during every delivery, but there are ways that you as a propane customer can help to maintain your propane tank.

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In between propane deliveries, if you suspect damage to your tank, please call your local Heller’s store immediately.  We are proud to be a leading Lancaster, PA propane delivery supplier servicing the Harrisburg and Carlisle areas, as well as throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.  

Propane Tank Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly check your above ground propane tank for signs of wear or damage.
  • Be sure that combustible materials like tall grass or dry shrubs are trimmed back from around your propane tank.
  • Never store items such as bicycles or trashcans near your propane tank.
  • Notice rust beginning to develop on the surface of your tank?  Call your local Heller’s location immediately.  
  • Always use caution around propane supply lines, especially while performing lawn care chores like mowing,  planting, or any other task that involves digging into the ground.
  • Be sure to maintain at least a 10 foot distance from ignition sources like outdoor grills, firepits, lighters, fireworks, air conditioners, or heat pumps.
  • Never force or use tools to open a valve or tamper with the regulators on your propane tank.
  • Never seal off the top of an underground propane tank’s dome or enclose an aboveground tank in a confined or air-tight space. A tank’s relief valve needs space for  venting.
  • Always be aware of the location of your underground tank and never drive heavy equipment over top of it.