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  • Jan272021
    Propane and Snow Fall

    Propane Safety and Preparing for Winter Snowfall

    There’s no time of the year where having access to clean, reliable, economical heat is more important than in the winter. Fortunately, propane is one of the most affordable, flexible, efficient, and environmentally friendly fuel sources on the market.

    Since 1941, Heller’s Gas has served customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond and is proud to offer automatic delivery, tank monitoring, live customer service agents, online portal, and much much more! We know that questions often arise about propane safety when snow starts to fall, so we’ve prepared some simple advice that will help protect you and your loved ones when winter’s worst hits.

    4 Winter Safety Tips for Propane Users

    1. Mark Your Tank

    Depending on where your propane tank is located, it’s not uncommon it to become partially or fully covered by snow during a winter storm. Even if not completely buried, it can be surprisingly easy to lose track of where exactly your tank is.

    This can be a real problem when you need to remove accumulated ice, make an adjustment, or schedule a fill. That’s why Heller’s Gas recommends customers mark the location of their tanks with a tall, brightly colored flag, stake, or pole ahead of the storm.

    2. Inform Plow Operators

    Although propane is one of the safest fuel sources available, it can still pose a danger when treated irresponsibly. That’s part of why marking the location of tanks is key to propane safety.

    It’s also why it’s a good idea to inform local snowplow operators and any contractor you employ to clear snow from your property that you use propane and note where your tank is located. 

    3. Shovel a Path to Your Tank

    If you are scheduled to get a fill during or after a snowfall, kindly shovel a path to the tank for our delivery drivers. If you are not able, please inform our office before the driver arrives. 

    4. Remove Ice & Snow with Care

    It’s important to keep your tank free of ice and snow to ensure deliveries can be made, but there are also scientific reasons that make this a top priority. 

    Since propane tanks are pressurized containers, a collision with one can be hazardous, as described above. Also, leaving tanks covered can cause the propane inside to contract, resulting in pressure loss and poor performance. Finally, ice and snow can damage the valves, vents, piping, and regulators. After heavy snowfall, carefully remove any accumulations on or around your tank. Beware of snow and ice falling onto your tanks from your roof. Use care around your tank to prevent damage.

    Propane snow fall safety

    Heller’s Gas Helps You Heat Your Home

    As a family-owned business, Heller’s Gas has always prioritized the care and well-being of our customers. You can rest assured that our experienced and professional employees take propane safety seriously. Whether you’re switching to propane or are a long-time propane user, Heller’s Gas has you covered!

    Call us today to learn about our flexible payment options, automatic refill program, tank monitoring, fireplace installations, and much much more!

  • Jan132021

    Propane vs. Natural Gas

    To those who are unfamiliar, the debate of propane vs. natural gas can be confusing. They are both similar to each other and ultimately end up doing the same job of heating your home. So what exactly is the difference between the two, and why should you choose one over the other to fuel your home furnace?

    Propane gas is safer, more cost-efficient, and better for the environment than natural gas.  At Heller’s Gas, we can help show you the benefits of using propane to fuel your home appliances instead of using natural gasses. With the assistance of our technicians, we can show you why Heller’s Gas has been the best place to buy a propane tank since 1941.

    Read more to find out the top reasons why you should fuel your home appliances with propane instead of natural gas.

    What’s The Difference Between Propane and Natural Gas?

    Propane is part of natural gas. Raw natural gas is made up of a multitude of different gases such as propane, butane, ethane, and methane. To separate propane from the rest of the gases, natural gas is treated at gas-processing facilities.

    When separated, the propane is stored and sold to propane gas dealers for use by consumers. With propane originating from natural gas, why should you choose one type of gas over the other?


    Purchasing natural gas vs. purchasing propane comes with some major differences between the two. Natural gas is measured for delivery in terms of price per cubic foot, while propane cost is measured in price per gallon due to its liquid state. Propane can sometimes be a bit more expensive than natural gas. However, the overall price depends on where your house is located and how much you use your furnace. 

    Propane and natural gas burn differently. Propane produces around two times the amount of heat than natural gas can produce. This means that you will be using two times as much natural gas to heat your home as you would use propane. Propane’s efficiency can offset its more expensive price, making it a leading candidate in how you should fuel your home furnace. 

    If you are thinking about installing a propane tank onto your property, contact us here at Heller’s Gas. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality products at an affordable price.


    With environmental concern being such an important subject these days, you should be using the cleanest form of energy available to you. When natural gas is burned off, it emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases can damage the environment and contribute to the growing issue of global warming.

    Propane, when burned, does not release any toxic or damaging gases of any kind. Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel before and after it is burned, making it the better choice for a fuel source.

    The Best Place to Buy Propane

    At Heller’s Gas, we offer both residential and commercial propane tank installations services. Our expertly trained and certified service technicians will help you with any propane and propane tank installation issues you have.

    Heller’s customer support services are unmatched with 24/7/365 emergency service, flexible payment options, and auto-fill delivery services.

    Find your local Heller’s Gas store today for the best place to buy a propane tank.